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Default Re: DDO i didn't think turbine could do it

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
I don't agree. I think DDO doesn't feel like D&D at all. Sure it has some feel but many key skills and features are just missing. Theres no attack of oppertunities in the game aswell as no flanking both with play a HUGE part in combat. The game also lacks any type of movement control ingeneral, they try to force the player to not move by giving him a -4 to hit if moving during combat but that doesn't exsist in D&D at all, plus the NPCs are not affected by this rule or any PC rule (they have no limit to cast, movement or attacks (arrow counts)).

I have been testing the game for acouple months (in closed beta) and there have been many complaints about much that has been missing in the game. I kept getting BS excuses about flanking (like it would cause too much stress on the servers even though almost every MMO has some form of flanking and they aren't as instanced).

The game is also very shallow, theres no aligenments or dieties coming into play so theres only a single way to play the game.

But after saying all that I can't deny its not fun. I have been having a blast but no matter how much fun I had I cant say it feels like D&D, not one bit. I do love how the dungeons allow for more interaction like traps (though very flawed) and sneaking (flawed aswell) but combat just feels very bad and not at all like D&D.

I do have alot of D&D experiance, I play every week with my roommate and friends, I have been playing for about 7 or so years and my roommate has been playing for about 20+ years (he's older then me).
I never siad that it followed every single D&D rule to a T, heck I never siad it even followed all the D&D rules. But go find me and MMORPG that ever promised everything right out of the box? Give them time, and I'm sure you'll see more and more rules and skills being implemented. But they only have so much time, and can only offer so much before it just becomes a cluttered piece of crap.

When I meant it follows D&D, I meant that it captured that level of enjoyment I had when playing the PnP with friends. No it's not perfect, but some things just wouldn't make sense. I mean do you want to play an MMORPG were your penalized for possibly moving in combat? You have to remember that while they are probably trying to apease die hard D&D fans, they also have to apeal to non-D&D fans. Or else, fans like me will have nothing because they game won't be supported souly by D&D fans. Especially considering no matter how hard they try capturing the D&D PnP spirit to a T is hard. Single or Multi player games alike.

So no, it's not %100 PnP D&D. But it's gotta be one of the more unique and fun MMO's I've played in a while. And yes, it did help bring back old memories past of sitting around with friends bashing in monsters heads, and then joking about it afterwards in the tavern. So yes, it could have some major improvements, and who knowsmaybe they will add some of the missing elements later.

Some of the PnP D&D rules make sense when your just rolling die, but would make for a compleley boring time in a game. I mean think about it, you really think any one surrounded by Kobolds would sit and not move? It's part of the reason probably why no ones tried a D&D online game. Because there never gonna make it 100% like the PnP experience. But I will still say Turbine did a damned good job!!
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