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Default DPMS on XFree4.2.0 and NVDriver 1.0-2960

OK, to not confuse anything, I am running a 2.4.18 series kernel, glibc2.2.5, Xfree4.2.0, KDE3.0.2, Gnome2.0..

Ok That said - everything works great - DPMS functions all work as expected in any of the Systems I may be logged into at the time.

`xset dpms force off` turns the monitor off as expected. I set the values from my .xinitrc or .xsession files and it happens automagically.

Yesterday I decided to try the NVDrivers again, so I downloaded them, compiled my kernel without AGPgart, rebooted, and compiled and installed them.

All *appears* to work well, except DPMS will no longer turn off my screen. It tries to, but all it does is throw up on me and scrable the screen to where it tells me invalid sync and scan freq on the screen.

Just wondering why this may be an dif anyone else has run into this before?
BTW: It is a Geforce 256DDR


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