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Default Why overscan problems exist, what is that about

Hi everyone,

I have been reading here lately, and I see that overscan is a huge problem.
I am new two those things, but as many people I also run into having too big image sizes when connecting pc to hdtv tv. I use dvi to hdmi.
It looks like the images are overscan (meaning that part of the image is cut, so the edges will look clear) A lot of people are asking for help.
I think we should more talk about the problem and explain more technically why it exist. Why overscan? Why is is causing problems. Everything in this world is usually for a reason, and overscan is similar. I am asking people who know the problem to tell more, and how this can be resolved.
Testing modes does not make any senso to me without knowing how things really work. If I get a dvd and connect it to hdtv tv there are no problems everything works ok. So why pc is a problem? HDTV is a standard, so 720p and 1080 have their own specifications. So why we cannot send that signal to tv easiliy. I think lack of knowledge is a problem.
Again, I am asking all smart ... for help.
Please explain, so people and I will know how to deal with that problem.

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