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Default Re: Check out this cyberpunk mmorpg.. Neocron 2

the one point you were missing that i was trying to point out is that a game of that quality is not going to cut it in 2006. whats next. is there going to be a great mame revival taking on the latest xbox360 platformers?

neocron was great 2 years ago. and sure looks like they improved the graphics A LITTLE

yes that sky is a skybox. meaning the 3d space is most likely .bsp's where the space is subtracted from another space not that its a bad skybox, but compared to the largest majority of new mmo's that came out in the last 12 months, its not going to cut it graphically.

see my problem w/ neocron 2 is this. its not 2. 2.1 isnt 2. its more like 1.8

a proper version 2 would have been all new models, all new engine, all new sounds, all new world.

look at everquest 2 for example. the the FREE directx 9 engine upgrade everrquest 1 saw was more of an upgrade than the "new version 2 or 2.1" upgrade that neocron got. if we were to compare it to everquest 2 from an engine, design, sound, and animation sense. there would be no comparison at all (btw, dunno if you heard, but eq2 is getting pvp. not that i play that either but its a good example of what does/doesnt cut it in 2006).

personally, i think KK should be completely ashamed of themselves for how theyve handled this title. at any other company they would have thrown the towel in (which would have been the RIGHT thing to do w/ this title) a year ago.

im glad youre having fun for now. i really am. but raise your standards man. the more we demand as gamers, the better our entertainment is going to be in the future. the idea is ask for developers to raise the bar, dont settle for them to make a "pretty good game" with the technology of 2-3 years ago.
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