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Default Re: eVGA 6600: Driver Installation Kills DVI Output

I have an old CRT monitor I keep in the closet for situations just like this, so I dragged it out and connected it to the VGA port of the card and connected the LCD to the DVI. The control panel shows the LCD as connected, but no matter how I tweak the dual-monitor settings, no picture shows up on the monitor connected to the DVI port. When I boot up, POST shows up on both monitors, and if I boot into safe mode or uninstall the driver, I get an identical Windows desktop on both monitors. But when I run the installer, the monitor connected to the DVI jack conks out halfway through the installation process. It's a complete mystery. I'm going to see if there's a BIOS update or a new version of the chipset drivers to see if that makes a difference. Got any other suggestions?
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