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Default Re: vBulletin Upgrade - v3.5.0 to v3.5.3

Originally Posted by Son Goku
hehe, didn't even notice the upgrade thus far. Guess that's a good sign then

Oh, and Qlitchford, if the 30 minutes to upgrade the forums were bad for thankful you weren't here several years ago when the hackers took the forums down and we all had to re-register.

I'm sure Mike remembers all too well, about that one (as jakUp, Gib, and some of the other long time members no doubt do); and yet wishes he hadn't. Restoring it all from that, must have been a royal pain...
Daaaaaaamn. That must have really sucked. Not the re-registering part, but just the fact that someone did that to this site. That really, really sucks.

And the wait wasn't too bad...the little notice popped up and I screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and then went along my merry way. I just had to find other sites to waste time on and visit in order to procrastinate from doing my school work.
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