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You should be very happy. My ASUS 425/1100 idles at 55 C-59, depending on room temperature. When I run rthdribl for 20 min, it tops at 81C. That is after I bought the Zalman 9500LED for the Prescott 3.2E, which drives the hot air from the cpu directly onto the rear fan. Before that it would top (the gpu) at 84 C. Higly recommended, plus my CPU dropped 11 C at a fan speed of 1900rpm. You should try to blow dust from the GPU fan from time to time with an air duster, it helps a lot, especially if you live in a hot, humid place as myself (Greece). Have fun with your new card. Long live the 6800U! Long live the G71!

Edit: One more thing: I have realized that this rthdribl is no longer indicative of true stress-testing of the GPU. You should open the display properties, nvidia temp control, leave it open and run FEAR or Call of Duty 2 for an hour or a half, and then alt-tab to the desktop. Check the temp, you'll be amazed. F.E.A.R actually gave me artifacts in the last levels for the first time in 14 months after I bought the card at stock speeds!
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