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Default Re: Asus A8N-VM (CSM) - new BIOS 0610 released, still no ACPI fix

look forward to a fix on this.

If i had know ASUS's A8N-VM CSM board would have caused this much trouble i would have kept my old system. I have openSUS 10.0 running on this PC, but it won't shut down properly. Im still learning with Linux and have found this an interesting challenge.

I would prefer to use Kubuntu 5.10 but cant even get that to boot. Maybe the latest RC release will be better.

It this an oversight by ASUS, does this happen alot. . problems with DSDT, etc. I hear that Linux uses the BIOS, unlike Microsoft.

For the record my system is. ..

AMD Athlon 64 3200
2x 512MB Kingston DDR400 (dual channel)
2x WD 160GB SATAII drives
LG DVD burner GSA-4167B + Combo Drive

openSUS 10.0 running dual-boot with WinXP Home (SP2)

works fine, just wont shut down, or let me change screen res. also wont recognise on-board networkcard/sound/etc

Finding it hard to discover the information i need on the forums sometimes, are there sites like who have answers ???
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