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Default Re: Check out this cyberpunk mmorpg.. Neocron 2

Finnaly, a good post made.. I have to agree on most that u just said. Then u also know what kind of bad publicity Neocron has had, lots of people have never heard of this game.
Thats why i made this thread. To show people there is a cyberpunk game out there that IMO is worth your time if u like the genre. There is no other cyberpunk MMORPG to my knowladge that comes near this game.

If u look at my sign i have a good pc.. I play Doom 3, BF2 as well and yes this engine is outdated. They should have remade this whole frigging game, very true, and fix all the obvious bugs. And really, id love to play sumething better, more beautifull, bigger community.. but tbh there is no other MMORPG that kept my interrest for so long or want to make me switch.

Ive taken a look at CoV but that game just isnt for me. People will prolly say the same thing about this game. I just hope between my bitching, i actually made people take interrest in the game.
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