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Now, as then, there are always going to be differences, but I still feel that 16-bit FP is enough for most any color calculations, but the differences may become apparent for non-color data pretty quickly.
The problem with you making statements like this, is that if the Shoe was on the Other Foot. you would be talking about how inferior FP16 was. You would even be talking about how inferior FP24 was if the Nv30 has deliverd FP32 as promised.

I could post a handfull of quotes from you Right now from B3D from about the Time of the R300 launch where you Question wether the R300 should even be considered a True DX9 card. All becuase of its 96bit color.

Things you say hold about as much weight as a leaky bucket of Water. You completely 180 your positions not based on their Technical merrit, but SOLEY on wether its the current thing Nvidia PR is pushing.
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