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Originally posted by Hellbinder

The problem with you making statements like this, is that if the Shoe was on the Other Foot. you would be talking about how inferior FP16 was. You would even be talking about how inferior FP24 was if the Nv30 has deliverd FP32 as promised.

I could post a handfull of quotes from you Right now from B3D from about the Time of the R300 launch where you Question wether the R300 should even be considered a True DX9 card. All becuase of its 96bit color.

Things you say hold about as much weight as a leaky bucket of Water. You completely 180 your positions not based on their Technical merrit, but SOLEY on wether its the current thing Nvidia PR is pushing.
based on things I read on this forum as well as b3d... I would say that is partially accurate...

but chalnoth also does post some interesting insights as well

I would not hold this against him.. though some of the arguments I see chalnoth place do seem to be a little confusing @ best...

still thats what engenders debate and we all learn...

IMO though for todays processing... 24bit is fine... specially since the r300 is doing all its fp calcs using 24 bit instead of flippin to 16 or 32 depending on the situation...

call me a romantic... but I love standardisation... it is a more efficient way of doing things...
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