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Originally posted by Sazar
no doubt 16 bit IS useful but remember that mathematically.. the first 6 bits are already assigned for other purposes so for all intents and purposes 16bit is really 10 bits... when you look @ it like that you will see there is a lot more headroom with 24bit than 16bit FP... 32bit FP is good... no doubt but I would have to wonder whether in order to get playable framerates with info stored using 32bit FP is going to be feasible?

that being said I do agree that 16bit FP is not as bad as it is made out to be.. but there are distinct advantages as well...

due to modern architecture/core clocks as well as the quality of games... I don't think you can truly compare arguments concerning voodoo and tnt2 cards with todays lineup either
Possibly the most level-headed comment in this thread. I think you hit the nail on the head here.
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