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Default How loud is a 6800GS PCI-E ????

I am rebuilding my second rig. Problem is the X800GTO Fireblade I stuffed in there is kinda loud and the motor for the 2 slot cooler has a faint but annoying buzz. Kinda like one of those power transformers on a pole. But not as loud of course. Unnaceptable.

So how loud is the eVGA 6800GS PCI-e compared to say... Radeon 9800 Pro or 6600GT or 7800GT?? I have owned and still do own 2 of these cards. If the 6800GS is same or quieter then I think I will spill the extra 60 bucks and get it instead. But I only have a week to exchange the 800GTO.

The GTO is nice but too loud and is not quite as fast as the 6800GS PCI-e so it would be a little upgrade as well. But only if quieter for sure.

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