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Default Re: Guild Wars: Factions Announcement!!!

Originally Posted by j0j081
I thought they stated it's neither an rpg or mmorpg.
The official term is "CORPG" -- Competitive Online Role Playing Game. They are not staking any claims to the game being an MMO, but they do insist on the Role Playing part.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate Anet for the fact that they made an effort to integrate a story into a cooperative online game, something that is not quite straightforward. Their Mission system with its varied objectives is quite good. My only gripe is that the effort was halfhearted.

And then there's the voice-acting. It is really, really bad. If you want an example, go do an infusion run and listen to the dialogue between the Seer and the PC. It really sounds like a couple of coders were paid overtime to read the dialogue out of a manuscript. It sounds so cheesy I felt embarrassed to just listen to the damn thing when I played it the first time.

Now compare that to the voice-acting in a game like KOTOR.
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