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Default Anyone playing EVE-Online?

I'm finding myself having less and less time for playing WoW these days and as end game consists of raiding/PvP and I have 1-2 hours to play it looks like there is nothing more left for me to do in WoW. So I'm after a new MMO :P

EVE has always been a jewel but I never had balls to try it out, but I think the time has come :P

My biggest problem is time? Will I be able to play game 1-2 hours a day and still get things done? Even at higher levels? Ofc I will try to find some nice corp to play with but I'm so tired of waiting in queues for BG and trying to clear instance with ****ty pug. I hope there are not such things in EVE.

So how much time does eve require also how is soloability? Do I need group to get something done like in EQ2? If I screw up with character making/customization/skills can I get it right later (like buy skills back or something) or am I stuck with gimped guy?

I've read a few reviews and folks opinions and most of the negative stuff spells mining. I'm alright with mining/grinding in reasonable amounts but is there really that much mining so people quit because of it?

I think its all for now but more questions are bound to pop so stay tuned :P
thank you for your time!
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