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Default Hibernation WORKS with NVIDIA but not the terminals

Got SWSUP2 workin flawlesly on my notebook.
Im using UBUNTU 5.10, kernel 2.6.12 with patched SWSUP2.
Using NVIDIA 7676 drivers with the hack so SUSP2 works.
As usuall theres a but

When I resume from hibernation the X starts fine and all is great. But the TERMINALs (1-6) are all garbeld up. Showing an interleaced screen of my desktop in X
Help would be greatly appreciated. My system specs in the sig

btw. With the native NV driver all works great
UBUNTU 5.10 Brezzy Badger
Celeron 2400, 512MB RAM, GeForce FX 5500, ReiserFS

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