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Default Re: Who else is excited about VANGUARD!

The official Vanguard FAQ hasn't been updated in a while, so you can check out an updated FAQ at Silky Venom, a VG fansite, here --

There's also been a load more exclusive screenshots, interviews and in some cases early in game video's that you won't see on the official site distributed to the Affiliated Sites (fansites that get the Sigil mark of approval -- this means they must be quite active, updated regularly, have lots of features, and not have connections to organisations that profit from the sale of currency, items or characters). You can check out a list of the Affiliates here --

I've been following this game closely for nearly two years, and I have high hopes for it. It better be good

Here's a few video links. Some of these are a bit old but hopefully will give you an insight on how the game is shaping up. Recently they've been adding or improving on the lighting, animation, motion capture etc etc. -- Some of the playable races. Taken from last years E3 by a fan, so excuse the Shaky-Cam-O-Vision and poor quality. -- Amongst other bits n pieces, here's some Sigil dev interviews
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