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doom III is a dx8 game... AFAIK... therefore it SHOULD work just fine with all the instruction sets in the gf3 and r200 lineups

you point out a lot of nice info...

however... let the thing is doom III is going to be a heavy hitter MAINLY because of bump-mapping (dx7 feature AFAIK... but heavy duty usage) and dynamic lighting... and shadows created due to this...

hence you ARE looking @ low frame rates regardless of what you are going to be playing with taken from the current crop of cards... ie... the 9700pro et al...

nvidia keeps touting the gf FX as having the inherent ability to run doom III far better than the r300... which will have to be seen... remember that nvidia does have a knack of picking up very selective results... if they are running one scene faster than the 9700pro... that will be touted by the PR brass as indicative of god-like performance I feel...

but anyways... all this discussion and the results of an alpha are what we are going by... heck the alpha is not indicative of what the beta is like in many ways
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