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Default Re: eye-candy of the other kind

I made a new release (0.2) that improves rendering- and resizing-speed, allows you to fully customize the looks of the clock (via SVG-files) and offers command-line options for the initial window-size and the refresh-interval.

Direct download-links:
0.2 release tarball (MD5SUM)

Over the last few days since the inital release it spread a bit on the net:

project homepage
its entry at
its entry at
its entry at
its entry at

Tell me how you like it and what you dislike. If you made a funky new theme for it send me your SVG-files. I'm planning to add further support for themes in the next versions and would like to ship a few good looking skins users can choose from in the future. Also make sure to take a look at the TODO, NEWS and README files.

Best regards...

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