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Default 6800GS AGP: Bad jaggies

I just received and stuck in my 6800GS AGP from eVGA, the CO edition which is running at 1100/400 (vs 1000/375). I am getting wonderful frames, obviously, but I have noticed something that sort of bothers me, especially coming from an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro: Jaggies.

Now I know, you can get rid of jaggies using anti-aliasing, but I never had this issue with my 9800. It's most noticable in EverQuest 2, while in World of Warcraft I don't notice it at all. Turning on AA of any kind for EQ2 is really not an option, as that game already uses some power if you want to run it at anything but the basic settings.

So my question is this: Is this a known issue with 6800 series cards? Is this an EQ2 specific thing? Is it a driver issue? If there is something I can tweak to fix it, or at least lessen it, that would be great.

I am using the 82.12 ForceWare drivers, the first release (to my knowledge) that supports the 6800GS AGP. I know there are some new ForceWare revs coming out, but I don't want to go changing drivers just to change.
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