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Default Re: 6800GS AGP: Bad jaggies

I am running the same exact resolution 1280x1024, same res I run my desktop in

Like I said, I don't see any jaggies in WoW, which is my primary game, where you would think I would scrutinize the most EQ2 definitley has some jaggie issue that weren't there on the 9800 Pro. Thinking about it though, it could be that the 9800 Pro naturally renders everything VERY dark. While the 6800GS seems to have a much lighter natural color profile. This may have made the jaggies seem less noticable on the 9800.

I am not guilty about the purchase one bit, I don't think it's that I am sure after a few days I won't even notice it...was just curious if anyone else had seen this kind of thing when switching from an ATI offering to an NVIDIA one.
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