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Default Re: 3DMark06 Benchmark Results

Originally Posted by Marvel_us
Owa how do you decide which pc to game on? They're both nice.
Thanks. I almost exclusively game on the SLI system since my main LCD is 1920x1200 and single cards struggle a little at that resolution (unless I lower settings). I mostly use the 2nd system for multimedia type things. I like keeping it up to speed though (close in performance to my main one) in case I need to game on it. For example, when I'm upgrading my main system or if I have some kind of hardware issue with my main system or if there is a game issue with one, it'll usually be fine on the other or when I'm resintalling the OS, etc. I reinstall the OS probably every 4-6 months and I have about 50 games/game demos installed so it takes me quite a while to get everything reinstalled and configured when I do that. Having a 2nd system keeps me from having to rush that process.

Edit: Oops, after my latest install, I only have 50 games/demos installed instead of the 70 I said earlier. I didn't install some of the older games I usually install (like UT2004, Black Hawk Down, Unreal 2, etc.).

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