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Originally Posted by Fathertime36
I think it is simple, the demand outweigh the supply, a limited selection of top end agp vga solutions availible, kind of like buying pc100 ram in a way, it is old and comes no where close to ddr/pc3200, but yet if you check the prices it is more exspensive mb per mb because it is obsolete and no longer mass produced, hense supply&demand=people getting
If we were talking about what appears to be the pinnacle of AGP, I would understand the supply/demand situation, but the 6800 doesn't appear to be the pinnacle.

I realize that AGP is going by the wayside, but I stay with it because there is no such thing as a PCIe board that has sufficient PCI slots. I can understand that a gamer might prefer this, but a anyone that needs and expects their computer to be able to do anything, they need PCI slots.
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