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Originally posted by John Reynolds
Who said it was?

Christ, Nvidia's PR dept. should send you weekly checks. Or are they already?
John, I believe in comparisons that are done like this:

Both cards at maximum possible IQ, resolution of >=1024x768.
If the R300 can't do 32 bit than tough luck, if the NV30 is running at 2fps then tough luck.
If you want to see performance at max IQ (on both cards or any for that matter) then you have no choice but to do that.
I play ALL games at max IQ possible at 1024x768 on my PC and none of them are slow. From MW to UT2.003*10^3.

BTW: That's how I ran my NV20 and that's how I run my R300. (max IQ possible)
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