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Default Re: Possible to SLI 6800 Ultra with GT?

Originally Posted by saturnotaku
Tell that to the people who have killed their GTs by doing that.
yeh, if i remember right, 6800 GT's can't usually handle the flash over... there is something you're overlooking

6800 Gt's have a 1.3v on the core and the 6800 ultra is supplied with 1.4v, but that's not the only compication, the memory timings on the two are also different, if i remember right the 6800 ultra runs at tighter timings which basically IF the memory can't handle it, your card is pretty much instantly dead....... although i could be wrong, it could be the other way around, the 6800 ultra might have slightly looser timings, which lets it hit the higher overclocks on the memory, but i'm pretty sure they have tighter timings

anyway, point is, don't make an assumption just because it's the same core, the reason why it's a 6800 Gt is probably because it couldn't handle the 1.4v of a 6800 ultra, and it's out-fitted with different memory.... i'd stay away from flashing that 6800 GT to Ultra, just look into buying either a new ultra, or, sell off the 6800 ultra, and buy a 7800 GTX (this is probably the best option, even one 7800 GTX provides superb performance)
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