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Default Re: What means width too large for virtual size

My kernel is:

When I was trying to do it without Connected monitor, I was not able to get any video. If I remove the exactModeTimingsDvi option then I can get the 1280x720 resolution, but it looks like much less that that. When I try the resolution 1200x720 then I get the best possible (in my eyes) resolution.
I tried exact timings, to force linux to use the exact timings from windows, where it worked perfectly, i could overscan etc.
With linux I cannot. Changing timings does not help.
HD was mistypo, i corrected it. HD1 is the mode that works the best, but still with overscan. I cant get 1080i.

I am not sure about my config, how should it like???

Attached new bug files witch changed options, as u said.



I am not sure about config files.
Please help to make them right.

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