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Default Re: What means width too large for virtual size

I have a tv sony hdtv that supports 480p,720p,1080i.
My video card has two outputs rgb and dvi.

I connected dvi to hdmi and I want to be able to have my pc connected to sony tv and use mplayer to watch movies. Before I had two monitors set so I could troubleshoot the sony display. Now I reconfigured my so I can only connect to my sony.

My current config is:

When I dont use dpms the modes get validated.
But, I can only get hd2 or hd1 modes.
hd2 looks not bad but I still have problems with overscanning.
hd1 is also working but screen looks small although the sony says720p.
By small I mean it is filled in totaly, but it contains less pixels than hd2.
Hd2 only works if I manually increase hfreq to 47.

here is output when I got this config:

If I enable dpms modes get validated but I can only watch mode that is set my xfree. It is 720p, but also with less pixels that on windows xp.

It looks like I am missing something.
I can not switch between any modes using alt ctrl +-

I also tried to add this "1920x1080" and 1280x720" to modes under screen section but no luck.

Thanks for your help.
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