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Default Re: SWG nerfed until fun?

1-30 youll have fun, soloing the entire time. i assume youre a jedi. everyone is now. thats problem number one.

but i want you to do something. make your second character on the server youre playing on. pick ANY of the trader classes and tell me if its any fun at all. even if resources were working correctly, which they arent. but for sake of discussion if they were, youd STILL not be having any fun because the items that get dropped by mobs now are far better than any of the trader classes can make. only exception being shipwrights. i think thats structures trader? i cant remember. anyway, point being 1/3rd of the classes in the game are completely busted. smugglers still cant smuggle anything either. id say its more like they lost 1/3rd of their playerbase considering, thats how much of the game is completely broken.

god fixing that game would have been such a no brainer, go w/ the cu system, balance it finally, roll out the smuggler revamp, and instead of doing all this stupid clone crap. give everyone the expansion they actually wanted.

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