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Default Got a 6800GT, help/advice Wanted

I had a 9800XT, sold it for $75 to a friend and bought the 6800GT for $110 from another friend. So it's a pretty cost efficient upgrade.

I got the latest forceware drivers installed. I took off the stock sink (temps of 65C idle) and strapped on my copper zalman cooler which dropped temps down to 50C with the fan at half-speed (inaudible).

On auto-overclock the core/memory sliders are ghosted out, but their staying at stock 350/1000, does that mean that the auto-oc isnt doing anything?

On my ATI i would use the latest omega's, is there a good driver remix pack out there that would work well with my card? I run win64 and win32.

Also under the temp monitor, the card's max is set to 135C, in screenshots i see with other 6800GT's the max is set to 120C, is that normal?

Are there any cool programs for nvidia cards i should know about it? i've been out of the nvidia scene since the geforce2.

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