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Originally posted by Hellbinder
It makes NO SENSE to move or support PS 2.0 *extended*. Becuase its not any kind of an industry standard. Its just some extra junk Nvidia tossed on their card for marketing purposes.
BS. Look at the specs. "PS 2.0 extended" also supports other functionality that nVidia does not support.

And how in the world can you make the distinction that PS 1.4 is a standard while PS 2.0 extended is not? They're both posted quite clearly on the MSDN website.

You want 3dmark03 to add support for more DX9 shader features? Then it needs to be PS 3.0 not some half backed shader support that *ONE* IHV dreamed up trying to do their own thing.
Again, the parallels to PS 1.4 are just too obvious here.
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