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Angry A Metaphor

After another long and ultimately unsuccessful evening spent trying to get Mandrake 9.0 to work with my new, all-singing, all-dancing system....i feel I need to vent my spleen just a little and have chosen to do so in the form of a metaphor.

Windows, in it's many incarnations is like a Toyota. It's bland, unremarkable, capable of nothing particularly special. There's no point looking under the bonnet if something DOES go wrong, cos Toyota won't tell you how it works, but take it to the dealer and remove/reinstall the odd component and it keeps on going.

Linux, from where I'm sitting, is like a TVR Tuscan. Sleeker, faster, better looking, capable of so much more. But for some reason the performance of the car is directly affected by factors such as your inside leg measurement, favourite colour and choice of deodorant. Unless you are qualified to build TVR's, or know someone who not only knows how to build TVR's but also is intimately aware of your inside leg measurement it'll run like a Morris Minor (apologies for all the Brit references). And if you so much as top up the thing with the wrong type of screen wash, it'll never start again. AAAAARGH!

My problem? I just went out and splashed my hard-earned on a P4 2.4, Abit SR7-8X and GeForce4Ti4200 128MB (all in a shiny CoolerMaster case - drool). Can I get the nVidia drivers to work? No. It runs on 'vesa', with reasonable resolution but slow as hell. And why does sound work, then stop working, then work, then disappear completely.......

I've followed the tips on numerous threads on these boards, and while the instructions are clear, consise and always helpful, nothing seems to work how it's supposed to. I'm a nebie to Linux but I can follow instructions as well as the next man.

XP by the way runs fine. Dull, predicatable, but stable and quick.

Have I just bought hardware that won't be supported by Linux for several months? Should I bin my 128MB GeForce4 and get a 32MB TNT2 instead?

Finally, please accept my apologies for ranting, but I'm sure there are others who are having the same can spot them by their bruised foreheads.
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