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Angry Re: Video capture support on Linux.

I add my name to the list.
I bought a 6600 gt vivo because it had a bunch of nice video capture stuff...then I find out that the driver from NV has tv out, but they don't want to give out the specs to the only ones doing the video out drivers...and don't want to do it themselves. That made me VERY unhappy.
Other than that, I love the card.

I'm still a die hard NV user, just one who is impatiently stamping his foot for what should already be done. Nvidia has money coming out its must to be selling so many cards (AND AT SUCH HUGE PRICES).
Why can't they make a video in driver for Linux.
I know I read that they are not wanting to possibly give away any technology which making an linux driver might do... but that's bogus. Linux home use is growing by leaps and bounds. Keep your customers happy. They might go ATI next time and set up all their friends computers with radeons. (cringe)(but it could happen)
And to add an edit...
I would have skipped the 189$ price tag and gotten a 149$ version of the same thing, which would have left me the extra money to buy a REALLY ok Linux compatible capture card. Personally I wish I could get my money back so I could do that. As it is, I'll have to pass this card on, barely utilizing it for what it was intended for.
My next card I won't WASTE the money I spent on the VIVO leat not to companies like MSI that don't have up to date versions of their SPECIALIZED drivers and to Nvidia who won't give us a linux video in library.

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