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Default Confusion about 6200 and ogl2...


I must change my gfx card to test some features of my game engine, but it must be agp8x, with p and v shader v3, and with GLSL... also it must supports all major platforms (Win/Mac/Lin - but this is as far as I know true for all nVidia cards... the better linux support for nVidia is the main point I decided that I would search for card replacement there), taking a look at I decided that the 6200 would be the choice... below 100$ and with all features required...

but then I went to different vendors pages and saw that for example Leadtek page some of 6200 card support ogl2.0 and some 1.5 - for example that one have ogl1.5 but that supports 2.0

so - does 6200 support openGL 2.0 or only 1.5? Of full 1.5 and some 2.0? Can someone explain that?
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