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Default Re: 6600 256MB vs. 6600GT 128MB

Thanks for the replies!

OK. I don't want to be kicked. I'll get the GT.

Miser that I am, I went searching and found a cheaper (by about 1000 yen...I said miser) GT. The cheaper one is by Gigabyte. What are the differences between the manufacturers of the card?

Upon closer inspection, I noticed the memory speed for the ASUS is listed as 900mhz, while the Gigabyte is listed as 1000mhz. The Gigabyte one has a faster memory speed, but is less money. The only reason I could see is that the ASUS one comes with a Japanese manual (I live in Japan, so I am buying from a Japanese site).

Anyway, I'll be getting a GT pretty soon. Thanks again for your input.
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