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Default Re: nvnet.o driver resource conflict

Originally posted by ychai4
I can load both modules, but they share the same IRQ, and when X is started the sound card starts to time out and is unable to play any sounds thereafter until a reboot.
Try turning "PnP OS" off in your BIOS. That helps a lot of this kind of problem.

As for nvaudio, I don't really know. It seems that the version of i810_audio.c that you have is drastically different from what the drivers are expecting, and I don't know of any good way to replace that. It depends on other aspects of the kernel, and likely won't work if you just grab the new file. You're welcome to try, but don't be surprised if it won't compile or won't work at runtime.

Last question: I have heard that hdd performance improves drastically with the open sourced driver for hdd controller that ships with newer kernels. Can I 'graft' that in as well to my kernel as a module or is it necessary to have it compiled in so that it loads at boot time?
You need it compiled in unless your distro has set up an initial ramdisk (initrd). However, the choice for which IDE chipset to support is a yes/no in the kernel configuration, so you can't pick it as a module. You can pick "IDE support" itself as a module, but if you want support for specific chipsets, it's yes or no.

The kernel that ships with my distro does not have large memory support in it. My new system has a gigabyte of RAM, and Linux seems to only support just under 900 MB of this... it seems I may have wasted my money. Is there any way to get 4GB memory support into the kernel without a recompile (I assume the answer is no...).
You're right, you can't. It'll require a recompile.

However, it's not extremely difficult to compile a kernel. It sounds scary, but just make sure you don't overwrite your current one (so that you can boot back to it if need be), and make sure you've got a guide in hand. In particular, has quite a few kernel compiling guides in their Help File Library. has at least one as well.
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