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Default System hangs with nvidia-driver

I just bought a "new" graphics card. Before I had a Geforce 2 Ti, but I wanted to get image to two screens at the same time (monitor and tv). So I bought "Geforce4 MX 4000" (NV18). That's what lspci tells me. I really didn't care about the cards capabilities as long as I can get tv-out and monitor working at the same time.

Anyways... Startx hangs the system. Screen goes black and after a few seconds monitor goes off. Ctrl+Alt+Backspace won't work, ctrl+alt+f# won't work... I still can ssh to the system. I can see Xorg.0.log stuck in loading something and top tells me xorg is taking 99% of cpu time. I'm unable to kill process of xorg. I also can't reboot or shutdown. It simply won't. That goes on... At least for 12 hours. (I was 200km away and unable to reboot the computer ).

I've tried this with Xorg-6.8.2, -6.9 and -7.0, Gentoo and Debian, nVidia drivers versions 6111 to 8178 (Ok. Not every one. But I tried several). Also tried with XFree... the version in Debian Sarge. Same thing happens every time. Except that when I try to kill XFree the system totally hangs and I really can't do anything. Not even ssh to the machine.
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