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Originally posted by Uttar

Their next "high-end" product will probably be in store for Q2 2003, or end Q1 2003. About 15/03 - 15/04 i guess.

But i still wonder when is the NV28 is going to come out...

How can people keep deluding themselves by thinking NVIDIA will release the NV35 just a couple of months after the NV30???

How long did it take to go from the NV20 to the NV25? Around a year. Between those you got the NV20-Ti about 6 months after the NV20, and that wasn't even a new core, memory, or PCB... simply higher clock speeds and new drivers.

The NV35 should have some architectural changes over the NV30... and I promise you, it won't show up until late 2003 (about the time of the year the NV30 was supposed to show up).

NV35 in March? Riiight. NV will ship the NV30 in January and turn around two months later with a new core... not going to happen. When's the last time NV produced a new core (not just a "different core" as in a different product line or segment, but a true successor) less than one year after the previous generation?

I think the R350 might show up by May or June, if all goes well. The NV35 might show up by August or September, if all goes well, and I doubt we'll see the R400 until 2004.
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