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Default Re: System hangs with nvidia-driver

Using acpi=off, the system won't boot completely. It hangs with the message:
irq5: nobody cared

Using noapic, or both noapic and acpi=off, the system boots, X fails to start and says so, but I can still get to a command prompt without the system freezing. However, I get serious disk errors. I was able to generate a bug report both times before rebooting. No I am back to the old kernel again.

I have attached both reports. They are gzipped to beat the 100k limit and a .txt extension added to beat the filetype rule for attachments.
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File Type: txt nvidia-bug-report_noapic_acpioff.log.gz.txt (22.5 KB, 136 views)
File Type: txt nvidia-bug-report_noapic.log.gz.txt (23.4 KB, 124 views)
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