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Default Re: VBIOS update for 6200?

I've explored these options. MSI's "LiveUpdate" says 05.44.a2.02.00 is the latest version. After some digging around for awhile I found a 05.44.a2.05 bios. I flashed to this version and it didn't help our problem. I also tried flashing to a couple of other (older) versions from other manufacturers on the off chance that might help. It didn't. And oh yeah, flashing an nv44 chip w/ 05.43 bios isn't a real good idea (fortunately my blind typing skills bailed me out)

I'm guessing netllama has access to the latest/greatest bioses because of his relationship w/ nvidia, but so far has decided not to upload it. I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask again. I wonder if there are any other bios versions besides 05.44.a2.10.00 which don't exhibit the 1080i xv problems...
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