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Default Upgrade to XFX 6800 256mb extreme edition or wait until 7600 in march/april

Ive got a XFX 6600 256mb extreme edition at moment and happy with performance for a card that cost 89 a the time i upgraded from my old 9800 pro.

Ive seen today XFX 6800 256mb extreme edition graphics card for under 100 and was like niceee i want lol

and then i thought march the 7600 GS be out 12 pipeline cards but are they going to be 128bit memory or 256bit memory interface that we wont know until nvidia release more details.

Would it be worth buy the XFX 6800 256mb extreme edition or wait until the 7600 GS specs are released and buy 1 in 3 months time ?

I like a Geforce 6800 GS XFX edition but they are 150+

I just need a card that play Unreal 3 and Unreal tournament 2007 when its released.
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