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Default Re: Kernel oops with two NVS-400 cards

Originally Posted by netllama
I've not personally come across anyone trying to use this configuration, and I don't believe that its something that has been tested before.

A few things to check on:
0) Do you have the latest BIOS for the motherboard?
1) Does a newer kernel help at all (such as
I verified (again) that the bios is Intel's most recent. I then dowloaded the latest kernel tarball ( from a mirror, and configured/complied it (using the RedHat base configuration). Things are better now, with 3 of the 4 GPUs being properly initialized, allowing for 6 monitors (I think, I have only been switching cables around, I have not setup for 8 monitors yet. (attached is the nvidia-bug-report with 3 GPUs working)

Originally Posted by netllama
2) Does a 64bit distribution help at all?
Do you think that would help on this 32bit system?

I am presently recompiling with SMP support, as I staed above it seemed to help in another case. I'll keep you posted.

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