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Default External Genlock/Framelock Tips

I have a G-Sync board with a Quadro 4400 that I am attempting to externally sync to a TTL "house" signal. Ultimately I would like to connect four machines together that are Frame Locked and Genlocked. I have tried using the Linux 8178 (32 and 64bit) drivers and the XP 32 bit 81.98 drivers. I have no trouble obtaining the Frame Lock, but I just can not get a decent Genlock. I don't have a video production background, so I thought that perhaps I am not understanding something simple.

I am using a 60 Hertz 3.0V TTL signal from a bench pulse generator. My display is a DFP running at about 60 Hertz refresh. When I attempt the external sync, the flat panel will lock on the signal and then after a few seconds, drop back to internal sync. I usually see solid green on the house sync indicators, so I am pretty sure that the G-Sync board is accepting the signal.

NVIDIA's "Frame Synchronization User's Guide" just does not have info in it for me to get this thing going reliably. It would be nice to know what the TTL external signal needs to look like ( duty cycle, max jitter, max freq, min freq, etc.)

Any tips or thoughts from the crowd?
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