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Default Re: 6600 256MB vs. 6600GT 128MB

I want to throw another card at you. the 6800 GS. I got the 6600gt a few months back and got the 6800gs for my 2nd computer. well now i totally regret spending the money on the gt when for nearly the same price you can get the 6800gs. just from playing fear and wow and swg and few other games the GS blows the gt out of the water. my lowest frame rate on fear with the gs is nearly 2-3x higher then the gt. I also have a barton 2500 o/c to 2ghz. I think we have similar systems and i can say that the gs will definatly give you that extra yr or more. If it wasn't for the darn dual cores i wouldn't be upgrading. I also alrady purchased a 2nd gs to replace my gt.

Thanks the faith i have in this new price/preformance KING!!

Good luck on your purchase only purchase what you want and want to spend or that dreaded buyers remorse sets in. I hate that :P

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