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Default Re: 6600 256MB vs. 6600GT 128MB

Originally Posted by warzer
Good luck on your purchase only purchase what you want and want to spend or that dreaded buyers remorse sets in. I hate that :P

Curse you, warzer! :P Just kidding...whether or not you said anything, I alway have buyers' remorse. Cause I always seem to find a cheaper deal once I make a purchase. I have to be one of the most idiotic consumers in the world.

Seriously, though, I am not at all unhappy with my purchase. I think it will give me exactly what I need.

As per Drive Cleaner...I've got a copy of that (used to use it when I would update my ATI drivers)...thanks for reminding me.

Now I'm just waiting...waiting. Got my extra gig of RAM yesterday, so now all I need is my new video card, and I'll be properly geeked out.
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