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Default Re: Weird graphical trash/hard lock. 6600 AGP

*sigh* not quite so fast...

I know it's been about two weeks. But this is really starting to get weird. I've recompiled the whole system since then (not because I'm a gentoo fanatic or anything, but because I wanted to consolidate two partitions) and I'm using the modular 7.0-r1 release. I've also been alternating between 7676-r1 and 8178 nvidia drivers. Also, I've moved to the latest vanilla kernel (2.6.16-rc1).

Same problem. I got nvidia-settings working and the card isn't overheating, so that's not it. My CPU is running an easy 55C after compiling for a few hours, so that's not it. I've tried both drivers, but only 8178-r2 and later will even compile for 2.6.16.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe X.Org is the problem... that seems to be the only constant here... Seems strange that nobody else would be complaining if it broke everywhere considering it's an officially released piece of software...

Could this be the case?

Also, I noticed that while the screen gets the same repeating pattern if I'm in the console, the machine is still running underneath. I can still switch consoles and execute commands and it's still pingable... Sadly, I tried to start X and it BSODed (black screen of death).

Is there anyway that I can do a memory test on the card itself? That seems to me to be the most likely cause of having the weird graphical trash dumped to the screen.... Or perhaps a way that I can force the device to do a full refresh or something?
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