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Question 6600 GT PCIE Sol 10 u1 - errors

So I have this new kit with an AMD 4400 x2, a MSI NEO-4F Mobo and this 6600 GT graphics card, works nice on WinXP and Linux Suse10

I download Solaris 10 latest update and get the non-graphical setup

Reboot, fix Grub, reboot and there I am in the black box 40x80

Look at the Xorg start log, which shows it can't find the 'keyboard'
driver, fix it to 'kbd', try again, it still crashes (got stack trace) somewhere
in NDD probing, one call down from the nv driver.

Google to the rescue (do that from the command line!).
Find the forum here and see there are similar problems all round, but not
exactly like this, and no exact cure either.

Download the three year old, 4.0 driver fom nvidia, and ...
it cannot find the screen !? (and has the same 'keyboard' issue!?).

There's also a funky message in the log about a missing /dev/nvidactl
device. Wasn't that part of the install? So what gives?

Which is the 'right' way to go, should both drivers work, what am I doing
wrong or is it just me being at the right place but the wrong time?

I read the posting over at yahoo Solaris x86, but can't make anything of
the advice re. creating the device files and links, it's all chinese to me.

Same for the nvidia required devices, the magic '"00de,140"'. Anybody bother
to explain? What would the 3-year old driver know about PCIE and Solaris 10 anyway?

Sorry for the longwinded rant - I can actually come up with some real information, if anybody's interested.

Thanks for reading all of it.

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