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Default Re: Weird graphical trash/hard lock. 6600 AGP

Wow. So I managed to mis-flash my video BIOS and lose the backup =P, but then I reflashed it with the PNY 6600 AGP 256MB rom (even though it's an XFX). *shudder* thank God I could blind flash.

Anyway, I had to enable the temp sensor on this rom and now it looks a little more sane, as the values fluctuate. The previous sensor (with the XFX rom) sat at 48-52, this one is chugging at 68 at the moment (although this is a RenderAccel-ed desktop).

The second post said above 70C is getting hot and the throttle down temp is 145C (don't know if I can change that), so is this a normal temp?

EDIT: Oh, and on a positive note, I've switched kernels (again) to 2.6.15-r2 and the problem hasn't reared it's ugly head.

EDIT2: Another reason I don't think it's temp: This has happened without doing anything GLX extensive for hours. In fact, I installed Vista beta 2 and Far Cry, and I'm able to play that until the cows come home... which leads me to believe it's some piece of software within Linux, rather than a hardware issue.
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