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Default solution

to configure grub:
1. first look at where is your grub.conf (usually in /boot/grub)
2. Start your pc and, when grub is on, press "c" to enter the command line.
3. if you have winzozz and linux on the primary master, execute the following command:
geometry (hd0)
4. this will give you a list of the partition on the hdd.
then write down the nuber of the partition where resides winzozz.
5. now mount that partition with the command:
rootnoverify (hd0,n)
where "n" is the number of the partition.
6. use command:
7. to load a win system grub chain loads the master boot sector of the partition (where winzozz puts his own boot loader), so use the command:
chainloader +1
8. now write
and press enter (and pray if you are a beliver).

if the system loads, you can insert a section in the grub.conf file that will be shown in the grub menu.
to make this do the following operations:
1. insert a line like this somewhere in the grub.conf file (it must be AFTER "splashimage" or "timeout"):
title Windows
2. after this line write the commands we used before:
rootnoverify (hd0,n)
(another time, "n" is the partition)
chainloader +1
do NOT write also a line with the "boot" command, grub does this operation automatically.
3. save
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