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Default Re: Weird graphical trash/hard lock. 6600 AGP

(Final?) Update:

I think she's dead. The New PNY BIOS fixed some stuff, it was running well under 2.6.15-r2 for a good while (6 hours) I was checking it every once in awhile, mostly just letting it idle on the desktop when the pattern came back. I rebooted this morning and now it's toast... random ASCII, weird green lines and boxes all over the place. *sigh*

I put it into this computer (my roommate's) and it gave the same ****, so it's on the card.... then my roommate suggested perhaps the DVI->VGA converter is broken. It sorta makes sense... but I don't really know how the converter would be causing so many weirdo problems...

On the other hand. The converter dying would make it *seem* like X died (non-responsive) when in reality I just couldn't see anything. I dunno, that's grasping at straws. I'm gonna try a few more BIOS roms for ****s and grins (not like I can hurt it anymore).

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