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Default dual display - primary, secondary monitor...


nv driver don't seem to support dual head setting...

i use now nvidia driver.... i have 2 crt monitor....
on my gf4 i have a vga and dvi port...

if both monitor connected, monitor connected on the dvi port is the primary....

is there a way to said primary monitor is connected to vga port?

i would like to use my best monitor on vga port... i can use it on the dvi port... but i need a dvi to vga converter and we lost quality... ( i use this adapter for my older monitor...)


dell p1130 to dvi port (primary monitor)
aoc 9klr to vga port (secondary monitor)

i would like to do

dell p1130 to vga port (primary monitor)
aoc 9klr to dvi port (secondary monitor)

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